Sir E.J. Drury II
Sir EJ Drury II

I Am Who I Am

Had Sir EJ Drury II not internalized the war he had been fighting to free no man of war from the bowels of the man–o'–war to which he had been condemned, Sir EJ may well have written a different kind of sequel to 'A Different Kind of Sentinel'.

"'Tis impossible," contends the author, "to be conscious in real time and dreamtime at the same time. If I'm awake in one, I'm asleep to the other and risk loosing consciousness, living dreamtime in real time."

"Is not our goal to express dreamtime in realtime?" Asks his soul.

With that, does he find his self running scared because he doesn't know if he is fleeing her world or his as he can no longer tell them apart—a dream come true, he is told, to alleviate his fear of having lost touch with reality.

So imbued is he with the Spirit, he can do no wrong as long as he lives in Her as She lives in him—a daunting task for one who has lost touch with the feminine side of the Trinity as he had when he joined forces to fight against Her rather than with Her at the helm as Queen of all that reflects what She embodies.

Like Her Son, has he been asked to sweat blood rather than shed it with a vengeance as doth the Beast and Knight Tempter of all who find it far easier to attack and kill the evil we see in our neighbor but not in ourselves, a rift we have perpetuated by not giving our neighbor what is theirs, saddling them, instead, with debt to increase our net worth, for without debt there would be no money to spill blood over, nor ideology to sweat when they come after us with pitchforks demanding we turn everything over to them that is rightfully theirs.

"For I Am Who I Am and no other god before thee, and must therefore be about the business of getting the beast to cough me up," gives he flesh to the words he writes.



A Different Kind of Sentinel