Sir E.J. Drury II
Sir EJ Drury II

"When a soldier wants to commit suicide, he really doesn’t want to kill his physical being. He wants to kill an image of himself that no longer suits him." — Sir E.J. Drury II

Suicide Prevention: If you need immediate help for yourself, a family member, or a friend, there’s a hotline and a lot of resources here.

Veterans Crisis Line connects Veterans in crisis, their families and friends with qualified, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders through a confidential toll-free hotline, online chat, or text.

Soldier's Heart: Provides a unique and comprehensive model to address the emotional, moral and spiritual wounds of veterans, and offers genuine healing from PTSD.

War and the Soul: Healing Our Nation’s Veterans from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder by Edward Tick, Ph.D. In war’s overwhelming violence, the soul—the true self—flees and can become lost for life. Tick redefines PTSD as a true identity disorder. Drawing on world spiritual traditions, he presents ways to nurture a positive identity based in compassion and forgiveness. He shows how to make the wounded soul whole again. When this work is achieved, PTSD vanishes and the vet can truly return home.

Sacred Mountain: Encounters With the Vietnam Beast A deeply healing book about the therapist, a Vietnam war resister, and his experiences treating Vietnam vets that addresses the horror of the war itself, and the ambiguity with which the returning vets were greeted. Its message is about the spiritual transformation that can occur out of this experience.

Healing Journeys to Viet Nam At Soldier's Heart, "we have observed and experienced how healing it is for veterans of the Viet Nam war to meet former ARVN, Viet Cong, and NVA soldiers, whether it is at a mountain base, a rice paddy 'grave', an indigenous village, the tunnels, or an old battle site. Together we create rituals that enable healing and closure. We honor each other and those who have died, and open ourselves to forgiveness and reconciliation, and are healed."

The Soldiers Project offers free psychological treatment to military service members (active duty, National Guard, Reserves and veterans) and their loved ones who have served or who expect to serve in Iraq or Afghanistan. There is no red tape or fees, and no arbitrary limit on the number of sessions provided. They see people prior to, during and/or following return from deployment and keep in touch via phone or the internet if needed.

Veterans Farm helps disabled combat veterans reintegrate back into society through the use of horticulture therapy. It was started by Sgt. Adam Burke after he had made a promise to God. Bleeding out from a mortar hit in Iraq, Adam promised God that if he could live to see his family one more time, he would do something to make his life worth saving. Two years later he started Veterans Farm, a place of emotional solace and job training in organic blueberry production for disabled vets like himself.



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