Sir E.J. Drury II
Sir EJ Drury II

"No one was going to force me to kill another human being and live with that nightmare for the rest of my life," states the author of 'A Different Kind of Sentinel', Sir EJ Drury II in an interview with James Lowe,host of the syndicated Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show.

A Different Kind of Sentinel

Having watched my real father succumb to madness, and later my stepfather, to alcoholism, as a result of their nightmarish experiences in the South Pacific during World War II, there was no way that I was going to let that happen to me.

"Whatever you do," was I forewarned shortly after arriving onboard the Davidson, "don’t let them (meaning the Navy) rob you of the most 'precious gift' you have, your 'humanity', for the wraiths will claw away at it until all that remains is the 'shadow' of what was once you."

"I'm tellin' ya, Dury, the Navy messes with your mind in some strange kind of way; it turns you into a f***in' animal," warned another shipmate. For it is the beastly side of human nature that they train to kill with impunity, and the human side, which knows full well 'Thou shalt not kill', that they take from you, leaving only the 'shadow' to fend for itself.

"To kill or not to kill," that was the bloody question that kept popping up in my head everytime I asked my self why I wanted out of the Navy so badly. It took me a year to find the answer to that question. Hopefully, it won't take you, the reader, that long to get to the bottom of 'The Strange Case of the United States vs FR Drury'.





Style of Writing

Sir EJ writes books that explore the collaboration of the conscious and the unconscious using Active Imagination and the Transcendent Function—the process at the heart of Carl Jung’s theory of psychological growth—and poetic prose, a genre that fuses poetry’s attention to language and use of imagery with prose’s narrative and objective presentation of truth.


"Allusions can be made to the lives of people and the high fantasy so many people read. 'A Different Kind of Sentinel is EJ Drury's guide to combating the beast that roams the world today, the beast that is the destructive side of human nature. This destructive side that lies in all people is something that must be tamed or it will do massive damage to humanity—like it has so many times before. Written in an enlightening and intriguingly unique style, 'A Different Kind of Sentinel' is well worth the read."—James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review


"Once I started reading 'A Different Kind of Sentinel', I couldn't put it down until I had finished it. You go where no one has ever dared. And for that you are to be commended."—David Stewart, Stewart Publishing